Kuivastu-Virtsu liinil R ja P tihendatud graafik

Täiendavad reisid reedeti: Virtsust 17:00, 18:10, 19:20; Kuivastust 17:35, 18:45. Pühapäeviti: Kuivastust 12:55, 14:05, 15:15, 16:25; Virtsust 13:30, 14:40, 15:50.

Additional departures

Fri, 20 March & 27 March: from Rohuküla 20:40; from Heltermaalt 22:20.. Sun, 22 March & 29  March: from Rohukülast 11:40; from Heltermaalt 13:20.

E-tickets presale only forms up to 70% the ferry capacity

The percentage of sold tickets in e-shop (e.g 70%, 100% etc) indicates only the % of presold e-tickets, which form up to 70% of total capacity of the ferry. Therefore it is possible to purchase tickets in a general queue at port. Tickets available at port form up to 30% of total capacity of the ferry.  

INFO +372 14204; +372 452 4444

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Tuule Grupp

 comprises several companies mostly offering travel servises, which were earlier connected to Saaremaa Laevakompanii, under a single name. Its main fields are ferry and bus travel, travel bureau services, housing and catering.


Record numbers visited the biggest islands over holidays

26.06.2014 17:18

The ferry lines linking two largest islands to the mainland saw record numbers of passengers over the recent holidays, sparking calls for increasing the number ...

Estonian ferry operator Vainamere Liinid registers surge in vehicles in April

06.05.2014 09:50

TALLINN, May 05, BNS - The increases in the numbers of vehicles carried by ferries between the mainland and Saaremaa Island and the mainland and Hiiumaa Island ...

Väinamere Liinid transports nearly 2 mln people in 2013

06.01.2014 16:43

Väinamere Liinid witnessed 4.8% growth in passenger numbers in 2013 while the number of vehicles transported grew by 7.8%.Altogether, in 2013 Väinamere Liinid...

Trips to Ruhnu island canceled!

23.10.2013 16:45

Trips to Ruhnu island canceled due to technical reasons.   ...

Ferrylines to Ruhnu island are open

10.05.2013 15:55

On 8 May catamaran-type Runö starter trips to Ruhnu island from Roomassaare (Saaremaa) and Pärnu city. Trips to Ruhnu last from May to October. Timetable and ...

Additional departures regarding Saaremaa Rally in October

14.09.2012 11:44

On Thursday, 11 Oct from Kuivastu at 18.45 and 19.55, from Virtsu at 19.20 and 20.30. On Friday, 12 Oct from Kuivastu at 21.05 and from Virtsu at 21.40. On Sa...

Additional departures on Triigi-Sõru line

09.07.2012 16:50

Between 12 July-5 August additional departures on Triigi-Sõru line: From Sõru at 15:00; From Triigi at 16:30. ...

Additional departures on Rohuküla-Heltermaa line

05.07.2012 15:45

From 6 July till 21 August there are additional departures: on Thursdays from Heltermaa at 11:30 and from Rohuküla at 15:00; on Fridays from Rohuküla at ...

On Kuivastu-Virtsu line summer timetable

21.06.2012 11:52

From 21 June on Kuivastu-Virtsu line is valid summer period timetable, to meet the demand of the high season. During the high season, there are 26 departures ...

Saaremaa Laevakompanii sold MS Ofelia

19.06.2012 16:38

18 June 2012 Saaremaa Laevakompanii signed a sales agreement of ferry Ofelia. Mr Tõnis Rihvk said that many different parties over the world have been intere...

Fleet and company

MS Saaremaa. Photo: Karl Otto Kristiansen


E-port is a new solution of ticket control and boarding system in ports.

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