Roadworks in Saaremaa, Leisi-Triigi section

Until 30th June Leisi-Triigi section under construction (1,8 km). Traffic restriction 30km/h. Waiting time 5 minutes.

Booking heavy trucks for Vormsi line

Heavy trucks over 30 tonnes must be booked via

Passengers who require assistance

Passengers who have difficulty going up to the passenger salon and require assistance must notify the ticket office.

Using E-ticket during peak periods

At peak periods, when a queue behind ticket office, waiting area can be accessed with an e-ticket through selfserving kiosks only for the trip indicated on the e-ticket. When not arriving on time (trip indicated on the e-ticket), e-ticket holder must wait in the regular queue.

INFO +372 14204

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Virtsu - Kuivastu


Connection is between Muhu island and the mainland of Estonia. The way to Saaremaa goes over Suur väin (Great Strait). Islands Saaremaa and Muhu are connected by the dam of Väike väin (Small Strait). The distance between Virtsu and Kuivastu is 4 sea miles, crossing takes 25 minutes.

From Kuivastu to Kuressaare it is 78 km.

+372 452 4444 or premium rate number: +372 14204
Information number available every day 8:30-20:00

Special departure times for live animals transport (cattle) and animal waste:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: from Virtsu at 07:55; 14:05, 17:35; from Kuivastu at 10:50, 14:40, 18:10, 23:00
  • Fri: from Virtsu 07:55; from Kuivastu 14:40, 23:00;
  • Sun: from Kuivastust 23:00

Kuivastu-Virtsu line timetable for 28.03-17.04.2016 period is available HERE

Kuivastu-Virtsu line timetable for 18.04-01.05.2016 period is available HERE

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